Aniya Nanda


Aniya has a strong artistic drive, and has always been inspired by the beauty of transformation. She began her career in makeup and hair by attending a secondary school of the arts and majoring in drama. After performing in several theatre productions, she quickly discovered that she had a passion and incredible, visible talent for the art of makeup. Aniya immediately left the theatre behind and shifted her focus; beginning her studies at Sheridan College in makeup & hair techniques. She graduated at the top of her class and gained experience working in the salon and at the counter with MAC Cosmetics; eventually joining their pro team. She started working closely with Toronto's top senior artists, and with this experience she has built up a reputation for a strong attention to detail and exceptional creativity. Aniya knows how to deliver a range of looks, from the flawless and minimal, to the more extreme with dramatic effects. Aniya has established an impressive portfolio consisting of a wide range of work stretching across photography, film, and television. Her work can be seen on the covers and pages of flare, Today's Bride, Wedluxe, Chloe, Glassbook, Nuvo, Lush, Unfair, Poor but Sexy, Schon and Argyle as well as on the television screen featured on Canada's next top model and fashion television.

Along with her talents she brings a positive energy on set that is felt by all.